Shopping with zero-footprint!


You have heard of labels for fair trade and organic, but have you heard of labels made with 100% renewable energy and without carbon footprint?

Now we come in with our zero-footprint label and provide an overarching theme: zero-footprint. Our mission is to create awareness.

It is about getting carbon emissions down to 1.5 degrees in the next 10 years, the Paris agreement goal.
The way we can do this, is with choices.
Our zero-footprint label indicates to the conscious consumer that these products are made with zero carbon emissions, made with 100% renewable energy. We call them zero emission products (ZEPs).

If your product is made with zero emissions, with 100% renewable energy, you are eligible for the zero-footprint label.
Every choice you make reduces your own carbon footprint.

Here is the carbon footprint of a few items:

Cup of coffee 0.2kg CO2
Is vegetarian or vegan better? Aside from health effects, vegetarian and especially vegan food has a much smaller carbon footprint.

Beef 10kg CO2 per 6 oz steak

Chicken 1kg CO2 per 6 oz filet

Fish 0.2kg CO2 per 6 oz filet

Salad 0.2kg CO2 per serving greens with Italian dressing