We are a handful people enthusiastic and passionate about a new, zero emission lifestyle. This is how we want to live!

We want to contribute to a zero emission world, to be a better place for us and our children.

Zero Emission Think Tank

In 2015, I formed Zero Emission Think Tank and we participated in the preparation for the Paris COP21 climate change conference where all 195 nations of the world agreed to the Paris agreement calling for the earth temperature to stay between 1.5 and 2 degrees which means that we only have a certain carbon budget left to be dumped into the atmosphere, and, it essentially means reducing carbon emissions down to zero by 2045. A zero emission world!.

Cheap! Renewable Energy

Our main task for the Paris conference was to spread the word about cheap renewable energy available to us now (1). Possibly, because we finally have economics at our back, we all won Paris. However, despite cheap renewables, carbon emissions are still rising, instead of declining. That’s why we more recently thought through ‘next steps’, and, came up with a white paper ‘go zero!, how to make Paris happen.

(1) Self seller for Paris. Extremely cheap renewables

White paper ‘go zero

We came up with 3 key missing elements. We have cheap renewables now, but nobody seems to know about it yet, so the first key missing element is ‘TALK ABOUT cheap! Renewables’. If everybody knew how cheap they are, everybody would do it (2). Secondly, consumer choices. Let people decide on what we buy, we need a label for carbon free, zero emission products (“ZEPs”), ChoiceZero! Because we did not find it, we invented and trademarked it – our zero-footprint label for carbon free, zero emission products. Thirdly, we need pop stars to come in and create a culture for Paris. Let’s go for ‘wild climate rock&rap’ for a future with zero emissions with 100% renewable energy, with consumer choices for zero emission products and a zero emission world! (3)

(2) John Kerry misses the point

(3) White Paper Go Zero!

Non-exclusive license

For the entrepreneurial part of it, I formed zero-footprint, LLC which so far has only cost my money. But, we are in a position now to grant companies non-exclusive license agreements to use our zero-footprint label for marketing to people: show millennials how good you really are!

Just show us that your product is made with 100% cheap renewables, and you are eligible for the zero-footprint label. We have listed all products eligible for the zero-footprint label on this website.


And, we would like to spread the news. You can even get the zero-footprint label for free, if you participate in our ‘ShareZero’ program. You simply have to find and register 2 new products with the zero-footprint label – and we waive the annual license fee!

Walking on earth with a zero-footprint.

Go zero!

Go zero-footprint!

Dr. Ingo Stuckmann, founder