Why? go zero!

Imagine you drink a tea or a cup of coffee. While you enjoy the flavor of it, you just produced a carbon footprint of about 2 pounds of carbon emissions. Just for a cup of coffee!

And it adds up all along your day.

Imagine a day you could change the world and would drink a cup of coffee made with zero emissions made with 100% clean and cheap renewable energy. Made by the wind and with solar energy. This day is today.

That’s exactly why. That’s why we created this website to list all carbon free, zero emission products (ZEPs). And there is more to it.

Because wind and solar energy is cheaper now, we have economics at our back, it is easier than ever to reduce my carbon footprint. I just need to see it. Please, give me consumer choices. We need a label for products made with zero emissions made with 100% cheap renewable energy. We searched for it, but did not find it. So we invented it and trademarked it.Our zero-footprint label!